Church Planting

Church Planting Internship

Discerning an Intern Assignment at Eastside Church

Introduction: Eastside Church firmly believes that Church Planting is a necessary task of the Church. Church wide research affirms what national research has, Church Planting is necessary if the Church is to survive. Eastside Church wants to participate in training, encouraging and equipping future leaders to plant churches. There are numerous church planting networks throughout the world and nation, but the Mennonite church is behind this trend. Eastside hopes to play a significant role in forming church planting networks with VMM. The image of a greenhouse is frequently used.
Who and Qualifications: Eastside is seeking an individual or couple who have a clear call to church planting, a defined ministry identity and desire to be part of launching large. (Missional communities are a wonderful model, but this is not the stream that ES has joined. We are committed to growth as a representation of more people hearing and responding to the gospel.)
What: Participate in the Transend Program, work at least 20 hours at ES, Take advantage of local Ministry opportunities: Seminary, Campus Ministries at JMU.
• Take Part in the leadership Team and Elder Team
• Serve and take part in the life of EASTSIDE Church, their Missional Location.
o Include the intern in aspects of ministry that are based on his unique gifts, desires and dreams: This includes but is not limited to preaching, teaching, discipleship, small groups, service, outreach, Welcome to Eastside Class, children’s ministry and worship
o To include Erica in aspects of ministry based on her unique gifts and abilities.
• The intern will research and offer implementation ideas to strengthen ES’s integration of new members class. (Including but not limited to exploration of Alpha and other related courses)
• Form and relate to a Ministry Support Team that will not only support the intern while in Harrisonburg, but in their future church planting endeavors.
• Relate to Pastor Peter Eberly as a Missional Mentor bi-monthly.
• The first 3 months will be spent studying, reading and observing the ministry at Eastside as a “welcomed outsider” in order to more fully observe the realities at ES.
• Work at Least 20 hours per week.
• Participate annually in Exponential Conference as well as visit other faithful Church planting locations (Examples: Calvary, Cape Christian Fellowship, etc)
• The final 3 months at ES will be spent writing, crafting and sharing their church planting vision, strategy and launch plan with the discernment of the leadership team at ES, their MST and VMM. Sharing this plan in and beyond the ES community.
Future: Upon completion ES will continue to be supportive, encouraging and active in the future church plant. It is the hope that these churches will begin the formation of a network offering encouragement and activity that is committed to a culturally understandable presentation of the Anabaptist message.

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