Eastside Christmas Gift Stories


During the Christmas Parade we handed out 300 Christmas cards with either $10 or $20 cash and a stamped postcard with the following note:

“This is a no-strings-attached gift to you, this Christmas. If you are in need, use it! If you do not need it, make it a no-strings-attached gift from you to someone else.”

We also provided a space where they could share their story with us. Some envelops landed in the hands of folks who needed it and others in the hands of some who could pass it on. Here are some of the responses!

Gave it away!

I am a home health nurse. The child I care for, wheelchair/spina bifida, wants to buy everyone Christmas gifts with his $2. Added your $10 gift to his $2. Thank you!

I doubled the amount and bought a gift card to Family Dollar for an elderly woman in my town. Thanks for the idea and Merry Christmas.

Bought clothes for the children at my church.

Our 9-year old son got this $10. We have him the choice to keep or give – he gave all of it to Salvation Army.

I was surprised to receive at the parade. It was hard trying to decide how to donate it. I hate to think of any going hungry over the holidays. I donated to the local food bank. Thanks!

Our daughter used the money to buy 10 cans of food for the Peak View Elementary food drive. It was exciting for a 1st grader to come up with the idea and pay for the food. Thank you! God bless you.

The envelope with the $20 was handed to my 7 year old daughter at the parade Friday night. I read the directions to her and we agreed to give it away. Saturday afternoon we decided to put it inside of a gospel tract and give it to the homeless family of 4 sitting outside of Kohl’s. Merry Christmas.

We used the $10 for my 7 year old daughter to buy a present for a 7 year old girl we picked off the Salvation Army Angel tree.

Such a blessing – thank you so much! Our family had committed to giving 2 gifts to children who needed it at their schools; we didn’t know where the $ would come from – but signed up, trusting in God’s provision. I know I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when every month we are provided for, but I still stand in wonder. Thanks so much for being faithful and helping provide! Blessings to you

I added $40 to it and passed it, anonymously, to a coworker in need. Happy holidays!

Took 3 children (9, 11, 13) of a single mom shopping then out to lunch. WE got the blessing! Merry Christmas and God bless you!

We were going to the store and saw a family with two young boys. They had a sign that said “homeless.” I drove past then, but my son told me to stop. My 6 year old said “Mom, that’s who we should give the money to.” We did and it was the best Christmas gift WE could have received. Thank you for your donation to that family and to mine for the experience.

Matched and donated to Blue Ridge Food Bank! Merry Christmas!

Thanks for this opportunity to make us think where we could help the most with this $10. We purchased a gas card with the money and gave it, as well as a basket filled with turkey, ham, and all the fixings for a holiday dinner to a grandmother living in a trailer with her grandkids. Also purchased toys and gifts for them. Humbling. God bless you all for helping us understand the true meaning of Christmas.

My name is Hunter. I’m 10 years old. Me and my nanny used this to help buy gifts for 3 children in need. May God bless you for all that your church does for this community.

Give to a family with two children. They lost their third child last week and they don’t have money for Christmas. Thank you! God bless.

I’m originally from Mt. Jackson but now live in Middletown, VA. I saw that their “Empty Stocking Fund” was in need of money. I donated your $10 and another $25 in memory of my mother. Merry Christmas!!

We bought $10 worth of canned goods to give to our Food Pantry at Blessed Sacrament Church. ALSO – we gave 10 of our own $10 bills away to pay forward. The catch was the receiver needs to mail provided letter to you with how they paid it forward. The true meaning of Christmas – giving!!

Gave a waitress a 20% tip and then added an extra $10 and said “Merry Christmas” on the tab. J PS. I am traveling over Christmas and will continue to pay it forward over our trip.

Needed it!

Thank you so much I’m going through a divorce my husband left me for another woman and have left me to try to pay all the bills and pay payments on my house to keep it. It has been so hard I have felt like giving up I have really struggled how a person can do the things he has done he sexually abused his own daughter what he done to me. Thank you so much please pray for me.

Thank you!

Very busy and full family of 6, we live paycheck to paycheck and had run out. With this money I was able to grab a few things needed. Thank you! It was an answer to prayer.

I am 4 years old and have 7 older siblings and a mom and dad. I used the $10 at the dollar store for Christmas gifts. Thank you!

I have not worked since July because of two surgeries on my back and will not be able to return being a certified nurse’s aide. Thank you, the money was used for groceries. Merry Christmas.

Went into my college fund. Thank you.

Much appreciated for need for my family. Blessings.

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