“Seeking Christ; Serving the community together; Teaching others; and Joining in worship.”

In an effort to promote and enable service and mission Eastside Church is offering Service & Mission Grants. Our goal is to help offset the cost of service for those who have a desire to serve, but for whom finances might not be possible.

Grants are awarded based on a written request expressing interest, location, need and the type of service or mission involved. The grants/scholarships will be awarded to local college or university students. Grants are also available for families or individuals who regularly attendee Eastside.

Final decisions will be made by the Giving Team and Pastoral staff. Grants/scholarships will be considered and awarded based on available funding.


  • A written request either by mail, email or in person at least 2 months prior to the service project. Exceptions will be made based on availability.
  • A personal or phone interview
  • Names of 2 references that we may contact
  • Attendance at Eastside is not mandatory, but preference will be given to attendees. Those receiving the award will be invited to come for prayer in the worship service before departure and will be invited to share in a worship service following the trip to tell about their experience.
  • Those receiving the award will take part in a service or ministry that aligns with our mission statement.

Written requests should include the following:

  • Name, location, organization, those involved, etc…
  • Type of service, length, responsibilities, possibilities, dates, etc…
  • Your overall financial need, a detailed explanation of the cost and a timetable for raising funds
  • Brief explanation of why you are doing this, what you hope to gain