Mitch & Lauren Yoder

Mitch & Lauren YoderWe are incredibly excited to be moving to Managua, and we are incredibly sad to be leaving our church family at Eastside. As members of Eastside, we have been encouraged, challenged, and nourished as we have all worked toward faithfulness. We know that our time with Eastside is not ending. Lessons we have learned will stick with us, and we hope that we will someday be back at Eastside on a weekly basis.

Many people have asked us why we are moving to Managua. Our response is sometimes long and convoluted, but the essence is this: God has placed a work in front of us, and we are responding as best we can. We’ve been doing God’s work daily for the last four years that we have been married and living in Harrisonburg. Through our jobs, through Eastside, and through personal relationships we have been blessed to share what God is doing in our lives. Now, we are moving to Nicaragua to continue doing that work. Many people apply the term ‘missions’ to what we are doing, and while we don’t believe that description is wrong, we believe it is vital to consider what it means to do missions. We don’t see this move as a beginning to missions, rather a continuation of what we have been doing. For more on what we believe about doing missions, you can listen to this message that Mitch gave at Eastside shortly before leaving:  Missional Living by Mitch Yoder

For now, we will be living in Nicaragua, working at an amazing children’s home called Fortress of Hope. It’s a fantastic organization that provides a place for orphans and children who can no longer live at home because of abuse or abandonment. There is room for us to plug in and serve the children and staff, so we’re going! In addition, we will be working full-time at a local private Christian school, Nicaraguan Christian Academy: Nejapa. Mitch will be teaching Advanced English, and Lauren will be an assistant in a kindergarten classroom. We know there will be many opportunities for ministry at school as well as at Fortress of Hope. There will be so much for us to learn, and we pray that we can share our gifts at the same time.

If you would like to know more about our daily life in Managua and what we are doing currently, you can stay up-to-date at the following website:

Here is a brief update on Mitch & Lauren’s time in Nicaragua:

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