Pete Hardesty

Rockbridge College Weekend

Go Dukes!!!Pete was born in Baltimore, MD and went to Towson High School. He got involved in Young Life in high school and then was a volunteer leader in college at the University of Virginia. After college, Pete moved to Virginia Beach where he was on Young Life staff for 7 years. Then in 2004 he moved to Harrisonburg to be the Area Director. After 8 years he felt called to help start Young Life college at JMU, an outreach to college students.

You can join us and help support Pete in his ministry.

I am so grateful for Eastside and all the incredible people in our church. I am also grateful for my pastors Peter and Matt and their leadership and influence in my life. Young Life College at JMU exists so that every single college student would have a chance at finding full life. It’s not a question of if but where we are going to look to find fulfillment and satisfaction. College provides a lot of options for people to go wild as for the first time they are not under any authority. We hope to show up next to them in life and love them unconditionally. They are all looking for God. We were made for a relationship with Him. So our goal is to introduce every single college student in Harrisonburg to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. It has been a blast to partner with the people of Eastside in caring for precious college people.

~ Pete

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