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Sarah Yoder, along with her husband Nevin Yoder, joined Eastside as it was first getting started because they felt a calling to join the others as soon as they heard about it. Together, they have four children – Landon, Layah, Madalyn and MarcAndre. Sarah received an undergraduate degree from Eastern Mennonite University and an MBA from James Madison. She currently works for her dad’s company in Augusta County where she has the support and flexibility to use her gifts in business while making her young children priority in her life.

We believe that it takes a village to raise a child and we know that the lives of our children are molded and shaped, in large part, by people at Eastside as we worship together, lead small groups, disciple and teach one another and serve the community together.

2 Responses to Sarah Yoder

  1. Scottie Smith says:

    My name is Scottie Smith, I’m a freshman at James Madison University, a lover of people and Jesus, and I go to Eastside every Sunday! I’m going to the Dominican Republic through JMU’s InterVarsity and Students International ( to work with Special Education, which is something I’ve been passionate about ever since meeting a sweet girl from my church at home with Downs’ Syndrome named Sarah. Sarah, although I didn’t like her at first, is one of the most influential people in my life–as she has taught me what true authenticity, sincere encouragement, humility, and stillness really mean through her interactions with the Lord, with others, and with me. My heart breaks that people with disabilities are looked down on as “less” because, from what I’ve learned, they are richer in spirit that many of us–myself included–could ever hope to be. I want to work with disabled children in the D.R. because, even though my trip is only one week long (and I will potentially make “no difference” according to some of my dear skeptic friends), I think there is no reason to withhold love from a group that many have deemed loveless and worthless. The bottom line is: people deserve love, and I have such a desire to channel God’s perfect love to those who may have never received it.
    As my trip comes closer–less than 6 weeks away–I’ve begun to feel the heat of impending deadlines financially. The trip costs $1,500, I have raised $250, and I am only able to pay $500 with my own money that I earned over winter break. It would mean so much to me to have some sort of sponsorship through your ministry to help me go on my first mission trip. What types of scholarships or sponsorships are available, and how do I go about applying for one?

    Thank you so much for your time, and please be praying for me.
    Scottie Smith

  2. petereberly says:

    Scottie, thanks for sharing! For information on scholarships available at Eastside and instructions for applying check out the Service & Mission Grant/Scholarship page. Blessings.