Apollos – The Response of a Teacher and Light Giver

February 12, 2017
Call & Response


In the Book of Acts, Apollos cannot help but teach what he has seen and heard and learned. Teachers are light givers, compelled to share what’s been revealed, motivated to find ways to communicate so that others can understand, and passionate about equipping others to learn from and live out the scriptures. We can only teach we’ve already learned, so teachers must first and always be listeners and learners.
None of us can fully put our gifts to use for God’s Kingdom, in the ways that God intended, in isolation from each other. Soul-healers, light givers, heart revealers, storytellers, and dream awakeners – we all need each other. Have you discerned your gifts? What is keeping you from joining in, from responding to the call? God has invited us to join in his Kingdom work here on earth. How will you respond?

Bible References

  • Acts 18:24 - 19:6