Boaz: The Soul-Healer’s Response

January 15, 2017
Call & Response


In Ruth 2, Boaz returns to his home to find that a foreigner has been gleaning his fields, eating his leftovers, and rather than responding out of fear and indignation, he responds carefully, compassionately, and restoratively. Not only does Boaz respond this way, but his employees do too. Boaz is a leader who has created a culture among his followers that keeps with the laws of God (without giving way to legalism) while also extending radical hospitality. Boaz leads his followers and responds to Naomi as one who is created and called to be pastoral – to share in the shepherding heart of God. He, like some of us, cares deeply for the hearts and lives of those around him. Those of us who are particularly gifted and called to shepherd, or to be “soul-healers,” are called to pursue wholeness and holiness by cultivating life-giving spirituality and embodying reconciliation – to keep with the laws of God and to practice radical hospitality. How will you respond?

Bible References

  • Ruth 2:1 - 23
  • Matthew 9:36 - 38