Call & Response

January 8, 2017
Call & Response


What does it mean to respond faithfully with all of our life? We are all called, and we cannot ignore or deny that fact – we’re called to be part of the Kingdom and to use the gifts and abilities that God has given us for the sake of the Kingdom. We are called to “Live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called,” and it looks different for each of us. Our calling may look a lot like our passions, or it may not. Either way, we have to be willing to let God refine our passions into His passions. Otherwise we simply end up with a trail of buried bad decisions that will come back to bite us. A lot of us haven’t really taken the time to listen to what the “call” is for our life, and a lot of us are reluctant to take the time, and some of us may think we’ve missed our chance. It’s never too late. God is gracious, and you can start right now. But what if we put in the time and we don’t get an answer? If we want the “answer” more than we want Jesus, then we will be disappointed, but if we allow Christ more room in our lives, and if we spend more time getting to know Christ so that when he speaks we will recognize his voice, then we will not be disappointed. Even if things aren’t clear at the moment, we can still be faithful in the moment. Keep making room, keep listening, keep asking, “God what are you calling me to do?”

Bible References

  • Genesis 11:27 - 32
  • Exodus 2:11 - 15
  • Isaiah 6:8 - 9