Corporate Worship

August 6, 2017
Living Out Our Calling


EC is in the middle of a 4 week sermon series on Worship!

Today our lead pastor, Peter, reminded us of the heartbeat of being God’s people begins, ends and is sustained by corporate worship. God’s involvement with the people of Israel throughout their 860 year monarchy was rose and fell with God’s people’s willingness to worship. The driving factor was a lifestyle of worship. When they failed to worship they failed to be God’s people.

“The only truth that is compelling is a peculiar life that qualifies life differently”

Valuing Corporate Worship is how we qualify the value of life! Corporate Worship seems to have 3 distinct qualities: Celebration, Participation and Education!

We praise the Lord that God didn’t let the story end with Israel’s disobedience, it continues and is sustained in the Good News of Christ, our reason for worship!

Bible References

  • 2 Kings 25:25 - 26
  • 2 Chronicles 36:15 - 20
  • Jeremiah 43:1 - 14
  • Exodus 12:14 - 42
  • Exodus 24:1 - 8