From Rage to Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace

November 27, 2016



Advent 2016


“Advent” is a coming or arrival. It’s a season of to be reminded of the hopeful expectation of the coming of Christ, the Messiah, the Deliverer. It’s also a season of movement – movement from wherever we are to where God is calling us and movement from brokenness to wholeness. One of the most common ways that we act out of brokenness is in the form of rage, or uncontrollable anger. Our anger is indicative of something, whether it’s our choices or something that’s happened to us. Either way, it’s an indicator of what’s going on in our hearts. We have to first recognize it, name it, and then move where God calls us because Christ’s coming matters! Christ’s presence makes life-changing impact – he can even change our hearts. It’s not that we have to pretend not to feel anger. Even God expresses anger – the difference is that God’s anger cleanses, refines, and forgives where our anger, acted on out of brokenness, is destructive both to ourselves and the people around us. When the anger-switch flips inside us, it’s a pretty good time to pray; naming it, asking, “Is it for my benefit or for someone else’s?” being reoriented to hope (expectation of what is sure), joy (awareness of God’s grace), love (agape – other-preferring), and peace (shalom – nothing missing and nothing broken), and then doing what Jesus says. Christ’s coming matters. Let it move you!

Bible References

  • 2 Samuel 12:1 - 15