Halfway There

September 10, 2017



When building a wall, as Nehemiah was doing, you need a completely different set of tools to complete the second half of the wall than the first half. It is relatively simple to get a stone block to line up with another stone block in the first half, but once you have to lift that block above your head and line it up, you need to use pulleys and levers and all sorts of things. The halfway point is the easiest point to get discouraged, but as Bon Jovi famously said, “halfway there, livin’ on a prayer!” In our discouragement, and when we face adversity, we must have an “adversity response,” which must always be prayer. In order to get past the halfway point, we have to depend on God to carry us through. There are two Greek words for time- chronos (chronological time, minutes, hours, weeks, etc) and kairos(a moment where something big happens). The halfway point is the kairos moment, where we depend on God to do something big!

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Bible References

  • Nehemiah 4:1 - 15