December 18, 2016



Advent 2016


Nothing that Mary or Joseph has done, and nothing they could ever do, can earn the favor they’ve received from God as the chosen parents of Jesus Christ. Their “worthiness” is not determined by anything they’ve done. God chooses, over and over again in scripture, to work through people who seem completely unworthy. They are worthy because God chose them. There is nothing we can do to earn worthiness, and yet God chooses us. This isn’t to say that what we do doesn’t matter. What we do does matter; the way we respond matters. Joseph, when faced with what looks like a complete mess, responds in a way that is both righteous and faithful. When Christ came to earth to ordinary parents, through an ordinary, broken ancestry, he opened wide the invitation to move from brokenness and unworthiness towards the reality that he chose to come to us. So how will we choose to live? Are we going to ignore him or will we recognize that he came to save us? To recognize that Christ came to save is to recognize that he came to save not only me but the whole world, and to live in recognition that Christ came to save is to live faithfully whether life is rosy or we’re sitting in what looks like a complete mess.

Bible References

  • Matthew 1:18 - 25
  • Romans 1:1 - 7