Leading & Following: Who are you following?

February 26, 2017
Leaders & Followers


If last week’s questions was “who are you leading?” this week’s question is “who are you following?” In the time of Jesus, learners (or disciples) applied to follow rabbis, not just to master all the information the rabbis could give but to become like the rabbi. Jesus’ disciples didn’t apply to follow him – he called them; fishermen, tax collectors, and others who had given up on the possibility of being accepted by a rabbi – Jesus came to them and told them to leave what they were doing to follow him. They had the ability to be like Jesus, not because of who they were but because Jesus empowered them, and he does the same for us, through the power of his Spirit. One of the best scriptural pictures of following wasn’t even one of the disciples. In Matthew 8, a Roman soldier recognizes that, like him, Jesus is both sent and has authority, and Jesus is amazed by his great faith – his ability to recognize Jesus for who he is, and his commitment and follow-through, approaching Jesus to ask for healing.
Who are you a disciple of? Who is it that you’re trying to be like? Have you led yourself closer to Christ lately? Or are you waiting for someone to “spoon-feed” Jesus to you?

Bible References

  • Matthew 8:5 - 13
  • Hebrews 5:11 - 14