Mission & Prayer

November 20, 2016



Missional Series


Here’s the recap: Mission isn’t scary; it’s really just about inviting our neighbors. What’s right in front of you to do? Who is right in front of you to be in relationship with? Because “mission” happens on the way, while we’re doing whatever it is that we do anyway. We have all been rescued from the myths that we believe about ourselves and about God and we’re called to join the rescue team, witnessing to the truth. We were designed to be set loose on the open seas, but in order to get anywhere, to join in – to be propelled by the Holy Spirit’s wind – we have to actually put up our sails! When we join in God’s mission, we are taken, blessed, broken, and given. We’re called to come to the cross – to start at the cross – and from there, to pick up our “marching orders.”

So what now? Mission doesn’t start with stuff to do. Mission starts with God’s (other-preferring) love and God’s glory (God’s infinite and intrinsic worth, honor, renown, and splendor) and us on our knees, even on our faces, before him; reoriented toward God’s mission. Pray with us. Join us at the foot of the cross, where we’re joining God’s mission.

Bible References

  • John 17:20 - 26