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January 1, 2017



Advent 2016


What we learned throughout Advent is that Christ’s coming changes things and moves us from brokenness to wholeness. The prophet Isaiah reminds the Israelites (and us) that God is a deliverer. God is also in the business of making things new (me, you, heaven and earth, all of creation) and doing new things, so we have to take the time and put forth the effort to listen, to pay attention, and to keep up with what God is calling us to do today. What God calls us to today may be different than yesterday, but He doesn’t make overwhelming demands. He asks us to be in relationship with Him; to commit to Him and to follow through on what He’s called us to do. God is the one who makes a way, who rescues, who blots out sin, and who invites us into relationship with Him. So…what now?

Bible References

  • Isaiah 43:16 - 28