Relationship, Not Religion

April 9, 2017



Jesus Is


In the Gospel of Matthew, from Jesus’ triumphal entry through his overturning of tables in the temple, to his cursing of the fig tree, the common theme is prayer. As Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem on a donkey, the crowd shouts, “Hosanna,” which means “save us!” They are essentially praying. Jesus makes his way straight to the temple, where he exclaims, quoting Isaiah 56 saying, “My house will be called a house of prayer.” The house of God, and the people of God, are to earn a reputation characterized by prayer. Later, Jesus exhorts his followers to “say to these mountains, ‘move,’ and they will move.” Sometimes our mountains – the things obstructing the path between us and God – are internal, but as we draw near to the Lord in prayer, those mountains will move. Prayer is not a means to an end – simply a way to get what we want from God. Prayer is exchanging our wishes for God’s. It is the end. God’s desire is to be in relationship with us. Just like any good relationship, our relationship with God is to be characterized with communication. Prayer is that communication. Is your life characterized by communication with God? Have we earned a reputation as a praying people? God sent his Son because He desires to be in relationship with each of us. Will you draw near?

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Bible References

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