April 22, 2017



Jesus Is


He is risen indeed!

Jesus’ resurrected body makes all the difference. When the women approached the tomb in Mark 16, and found the stone rolled away, the angel instructed them to verify (to experience the empty tomb for themselves) and testify (to spread the word that Jesus was alive and had gone on ahead of the disciples to meet them). The women didn’t get it at first, and neither did the disciples. The resurrection of Christ seems completely upside down and disorienting and we all have to reorient ourselves around the resurrection in order to make any sense of it. God, who is triune and who was already perfect, created everything out of sheer delight, and we are fierce and beautiful because we are created in the image of God. Sin and brokenness entered the world, and God moved, is moving still, to redeem everything. So Jesus, God’s Son, fully God and fully human, lived the life we all should live and died a death that he didn’t deserve to set us free from the chains of sin and death. In his resurrection life, we find life. The most beautiful part is that even the tremendous glory of the resurrection is not the full taste of God’s love. It is only the appetizer. When we invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts, eternal life takes root in us. From then on, we live in the tension between the realities of life in a broken world and the eternal life that is welling up within us. We are broken, but we are invited to claim a future promise and live it into the present. Come and see.

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Bible References

  • Mark 16:1 - 8