The Man at the Pool

October 23, 2016



Missional Series


Jesus, as he approaches the man at the pool at Bethesda, knows this man’s condition and asks, “Do you want to be made well?” It’s a simple, and yet extremely important, yes or no question. The man responds with the reason he believes it is impossible for him to get well. It was a yes or no question. Jesus hasn’t asked him to first meet any criteria, and he hasn’t asked him for an explanation. He simply asks, “Do you want to be made well?” Do we know where “Bethesda” – the gathering place for the wounded or broken or outcast – is in our city, our state, nation, and world? Do we care to know the condition of the people we come into contact with? Do we ask them to meet some list of criteria before we’re willing to help them? And what about us? When Jesus, the healer, stands in front of us asking if we want to be made well, do we come up with excuses for our condition or “the perfect scenario” that would lead to our healing? Or do we turn our focus to the Savior, preparing to pick up our mat and walk?

Bible References

  • John 5:1 - 15