March 5, 2017



Jesus Is


This is the first sermon in our series leading up to Easter, called “Jesus is.” In this series, we’ve chosen to focus on seven truths about Jesus which we think are foundational for growing in relationship with Christ for people at all stages of the faith journey. First, we’ve chosen to focus on the Trinity; a truth which can be confusing and difficult to wrap our minds around. We believe in one Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – who existed in perfect, loving, joyful, abundant, “nothing missing, nothing broken” relationship even before God created the world. While it’s difficult for us to understand how God can simultaneously be one and three, what’s important for us to recognize is the relationship that is modeled by God’s Triune nature. God has invited us into that perfect, whole, and loving relationship. Will you join?

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Bible References

  • Matthew 3:16 - 17
  • Mark 1:10 - 11
  • Luke 3:21 - 22
  • John 1:32 - 33
  • John 1:1 - 3