Waiting to receiving

December 29, 2013


Waiting looks more like wrestling than it does being passive. “Waiting is living your life in the world but trying to bring the world around you into contact with the Kingdom of God.” That is why there is stress and tension and twisting and enduring. It is bringing the heavenly into contact with the earthly. Waiting is spending time with the Lord. It is listening. It is asking. It is being still so when the direction comes you can hear it, but you also have the trust to listen because you have been waiting. If we don’t wait upon the Lord, we won’t hear. We will wonder why nothing seems certain. If we listen and wait, nothing will seem certain and we will recognize uncertainty as exactly the thing that we need. It is uncertainty in this life that causes us to rely on God almighty. When we rely on ANY OTHER thing we are let down. We lose.

Bible References

  • Matthew 2:13 - 23
  • Jeremiah 29:7

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