Want vs. Hope

December 4, 2016



Advent 2016


We’re called to accept – to “aggressively lay hold of” one another, to help each other see the hope held out to us in scripture. The Bible is full of accounts of broken people who screw up repeatedly, but it all points to the remedy, the solution, in Jesus Christ. We’re all in the same place before God. It’s a good place to be because God put on flesh and became a servant in the person of Jesus Christ on our behalf. Advent means that Christ comes and the door is flung open wide and all who hear his voice and turn to acknowledge him are welcomed in. Jesus brings the Kingdom of heaven near, and that Kingdom transforms us! Our wants are broken desires for things other than Christ, which ultimately cannot fulfill us. Our hope – true hope – is in Christ. We’re called to name our brokenness and then to continually turn and return to Christ, asking the Holy Spirit to refine us by burning away those broken desires. In the process, we are continually being transformed into the likeness of Christ with ever-increasing glory. This continual turning and returning and the refining process can be painful and difficult. That’s why we’re not called to do it alone. We are called to “lay hold of each other as Christ Jesus has laid hold of you.”

Bible References

  • Romans 15:4 - 13