What is Jesus doing?

September 18, 2016



Missional Series


Jesus’ disciples weren’t particularly equipped for following Jesus or for leading others who wanted to follow Jesus. Their intentions, like ours, may have been misguided or ignorant. They may even have had ulterior motives. Jesus doesn’t seem to mind. Jesus sees in us what the world does not. He takes our intentions, like He took their intentions, and He redirects them so that what we want is more of Him. Encountering Jesus changes things. The first thing the disciples do is run and tell someone they know, “we’ve found the One we’ve been waiting for.” Mission is starting where you are, seeking Jesus and witnessing him, and testifying to those who you know and love that you have found the One who changes things, God who put on flesh and moved into our neighborhood.

Bible References

  • John 1:14 - 14
  • John 1:35 - 51