Woman at the Well

October 9, 2016



Missional Series


When we encounter the Lord, who knows all of our history, who knows all about all of our baggage, our best-kept secrets, our perceived realities and the lies we’ve convinced ourselves, Jesus takes our defense mechanisms – our sarcasm, deflected truths, and our verbal spewing – and he redeems it. He exchanges it for living water. To be missional is to follow the blueprint that Christ has laid out – to engage others, to listen and interact, all while listening to the Spirit and pointing to Christ; to acknowledge that we all have baggage but NOTHING is beyond the redeeming power of the incarnational Messiah – God with skin on who lives among us. And when we see God at work even in our worst downfalls, when we embrace God’s work in us and in others, how could we NOT worship Him?

Bible References

  • John 4:1 - 45
  • 2 Kings 17:24 - 33