Staying Connected

Eastside Elders and Staff continue to work at addressing the current and future situation regarding our efforts to respond to Covid-19. Presently, the staff are focused on making sure that our current efforts to build up the family and reach out are meeting the needs of our family. After two months of this reality, we know that things can become repetitive, so we are working at effective ministry and support. We are glad to have your feedback and encouragement.

At the same time, we are monitoring the details for what gathering together might look like in the future. Because we rent a school, some of the activities permitted to congregations are not options for us. In the meantime, we will continue to offer a Sunday worship service, weekly communion, online small groups and weekly activities. If you are interested in understanding the state guidelines, mandates and recommendations for churches to begin to meet together, you can read them here.

Thankfully, we have access to some tools that the early church didn't have. Here's what we're doing:

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday morning sermons will be posted on our website, as you can see on the right, as well as our YouTube channel by 9:30am each Sunday. We encourage you to watch them during normal Sunday service time – 10am to 11:15am – to help maintain some normalcy in your schedule. Know that the rest of our Eastside family is singing, praying, and hearing God's Word at the same time.

Small Groups

We are using Zoom as we continue to meet together as small groups. Video chatting is a new format for some and old hat to others. If your family hasn't grown used to using video chats as a way to communicate, that's ok. We're starting here together, with Zoom chats, sharing our vulnerabilities and anxieties, as well as our joys and successes. Two years ago, we defined small groups as a space where we gather to build community and grow like Christ together. The space where we gather has changed, but our vision and our mission has not.

Small group leaders are setting up individual group Zoom chats where you can encourage each other, catch up on life as we know it at this moment, and pray and study the Word together. We encourage you to meet with your video camera on, if possible, because it's so good to see each other's faces. If you're not ready for the camera, you can mute it and still participate. Your small group leader will email your group the link. If you have technical questions on how to use Zoom, please email Cindy. There are many fun ways (and apps) to communicate online while we're all feeling the isolation of social distancing. Here's a list of further resources.

We are also piloting new digital small groups for those not yet in a small group. If you have additional questions about small groups – joining one, meeting digitally, etc. – please contact us.


We encourage you to continue your tithing and SENT campaign gifts by giving online, through the app, or by mailing a check to the church office at 320 S Main St, Ste 3A, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

Eastside Kids

While we are unable to meet at Skyline Middle School, we encourage you to spend time with your children reading the planned scripture for each Sunday and focus on the take-home point for the week.

This week's Lessons (May 10)

  • Pre-K: Bartimaeus can see, Mark 10:46-52, We ask Jesus for help.
  • K-1st: Jesus tells about an unmerciful servant, Matthew 18:21-33, We forgive all the time.
  • 2nd-3rd: Jesus appears to Saul, Acts 9:1-9, We believe in Jesus.
  • 4th-5th: Jael drives a tent peg through an enemy's head, Judges 4:1-24, We know God will help us.

Kids Club

Join us online each Wednesday night at 6pm for live songs, crafts and a Bible story! If Wednesday nights don’t work for you, check out at your convenience for links to previous week’s videos!

Eastside College

Based on the directive of the Va Governor, we will not be gathering for prayer times or The Collective until at least June 10. Please continue to pray for our college students and campuses, even though we can’t meet together in person!