Small Groups

A great way to get plugged in at Eastside Church is through small groups. We offer a variety of small groups, including families, single gender, content specific, age specific and life-stage specific groups. In our Eastside family, we share our joys, griefs, successes, challenges, calm and crazy days. We know we are meant to live and do life together. It starts here!

Find Your Small Group

We have small groups happening at different times throughout the week. Find a small group that fits your schedule and use the link to email the leader(s) of that small group for more information.

  • Lawrence & Bonnie Yoder

    Bi-weekly on Sundays at 12:45pm

    We meet immediately following the worship service twice a month. Normally, we share a potluck lunch at our home in Lacey Spring. This fall, we are meeting in an outdoor setting as much as possible. Our meetings consist of a short Bible study or discussion of the morning sermon followed by a time of sharing and prayer. At this time, childcare is not provided.

    Email for More Info

    Lawrence & Bonnie Yoder
  • Lehman & Yoder

    Twice per month on Sundays at 4:00pm

    Welby & Lisa and Sherwin & Rachel co-lead an inter-generational group with empty-nesters and families with kids. When the weather is nice we are meeting outdoors. We have also met via Zoom. We share a snack together and then kids entertain themselves while we have a study, sharing, and prayer. We are currently discussing Eastside sermons.

    Email for More Info

    Lehman & Yoder
  • Craig and Jill Snider

    Bi-weekly on Sundays, late afternoon

    We are an intergenerational group that meets for discussion, prayer, and fellowship. We meet at various group member homes.

    Email for More Info

    Craig and Jill Snider
  • Nevin & Sarah Yoder

    3 Sundays per month from 5-7pm

    Nevin and Sarah lead a group in Augusta County and welcome people from all over. Our time together includes snacks followed by a short study and prayer time. We have many children who play together while the adults study.

    Email for More Info

    Nevin & Sarah Yoder
  • Michael & Lindsay Horst

    Weekly on Sundays, time varies

    We are a multi-generational group, that meets weekly on Sunday to discuss the sermon and spend time praying together. We have been flexible through the pandemic, meeting outside, inside, via zoom - whatever fits the needs of the current pandemic status.

    Email for More Info

    Michael & Lindsay Horst
  • Peter Eberly

    Mondays from 8pm to 10pm

    Men's group for those who want to continue to grow in their relationship with Christ. Attendance and preparation are expected.

    Email for More Info

    Peter Eberly
  • Sydney and Kristi Rhodes

    Tuesdays from 6 to 8:30pm

    Our group loves talking about the word of God and supporting each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. We're mostly singles but welcome anyone to join us.

    Email for More Info

    Sydney and Kristi Rhodes
  • Steve & Olivia Burkholder

    Once a month on Wednesday from 5:45-7:30pm

    We are mostly young adult group but are open to all ages. We have a mixture of singles and married, kids and no kids. We will meet once a month on a Wednesday evenings over dinner for a time of fellowship and a short Bible study/devotion. At this time we plan to meet outside as much as possible.

    Email for More Info

    Steve & Olivia Burkholder
  • Matt & Debbie Swartley

    Bi-weekly on Thursdays from 6pm to 7:45pm

    During the fall, we plan to meet outside every other Thursday at our house in Penn Laird. We will share a meal together and catch up on each other's lives and then discuss the sermon questions. Kids are welcome!

    Email for More Info

    Matt & Debbie Swartley